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From the 2015 Golf Classic

You & your gaggle of volunteers have done another spectacular job with the golf tournament!!  Thank you for all you've done through the years of making this one of the "must make" events of the year!  I cannot even imagine the number of families  that have benefited from all your hard work!  R.W., Maumelle 

From the 2012 Golf Classic

"Thanks for putting on a great tournament. We had a great time." M.I., Little Rock

From the 2010 Golf Classic

"Thank you ... Tournament gets better every year ... Thanks so much for this good work. God bless." M.P., Little Rock

"We had a GREAT time, can't wait till next year. Thanks for putting on a great tourney." R.H., Little Rock

From the 2009 Golf Classic

"As always a great event for a great cause." J.A., Little Rock

"It was a wonderful event. I had a great time and will, once again, put it on my calendar for the following year! Thanks for all your hard work for a great cause!" A.B., Little Rock

"I play in 10 – 15 of these type events each year, & I can honestly say if I were forced to limit my selection down to 1; this would be the only tournament I would play in! For someone that has never played the game you guys put on a fantastic event every year. And, I’m pretty certain my heart is not clouding my judgment!" R.W., Maumelle

"Also just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this tourney (not to mention what you do the rest of the year). I am blessed to be a part of it and I cherish the photos with Riley." J.B., Little Rock

"It was nice participating in such a great event for such a wonderful cause. We look forward to participating next year." S.M., Memphis

Prior Years

"We had a great time as usual, you really do a great job. C. S. plays in a lot of tournaments and he said it was one of the best he's played in."

"I once again had a wonderful time. You and your team did an excellent job of putting on a first class tournament again. I hope you met your goals on fund raising. It was truly amazing to me the improvements Riley has made. I will continue to pray for Riley, and your family. Riley's Warriors and your leadership with this ministry is both a blessing and inspiration to us all."

"... it was a great tournament and lots of fun as always. The food was really good also."

"What another great day! I'm sure this year was a smashing success. The tournament was awesome again. I've played/play in a good number of tournaments and Riley's is at the top of the list. Already looking forward to next year."

"What a treat! Riley’s Warriors is by far my favorite tournament of the year (and not just because we tend to win things). Thanks for putting on another great tournament."

"We had a great time and the catfish was even better."

"... had a great time. Tell Riley I said thanks for the invitation."

"Great event, again, thanks for all that you do!"

"We had a great time. You all do a fantastic golf outing. Thanks for all your hard work."

"Thanks again for hosting the BEST golf outing of the year for me!"

"Hey, we had a great time. That is a class tournament ... I know a little about the story of Riley, but getting to talk to him and met him Monday was a joy. He's a special kid. Thanks for a great golf tournament again."

"It was fantastic. Had a great time as always."

"It was an awesome day and I appreciate all of the work that was done to prepare for it."

"Thanks for the invite, it’s an honor to do things for our kids. I thought you guys put on a great tournament."